I am a super creative and passionate individual with over five years of experience in the media industry. I have experience in forming concept innovation in both online and offline design products for some of Ireland’s most prominent brands while working in a fast-paced environment.


I have worked on social media strategies, concept development and seasonal campaign, amongst other things while working at Lunar Media, a Dublin based creative agency.

As a Creative Digital Media student at the Technological University Dublin, I have gained knowledge across audio, tv production, screenwriting, photography and multimedia. The last four years have helped me improve and broaden my skills in creative software such as the Adobe Suite, Eko Studio, WordPress, 3DS Max and ProTools.


I am most enthusiastic about videography, multimedia and photography where I have fine-tuned my technical expertise, creativity, and composition skills in these fields. I am always looking for more ways to challenge myself and expand my knowledge and experience.

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