Brand Identity

Lee Doherty Fitness

Lee approached me when he was looking to upgrade his former logo and give his brand a new look. 

I worked closely with Lee and researched his social media to see what would suit his brand best. I went for a quite clean and polished logo and then we worked on designing a business card which he can offer clients in his line of work.


I'm currently working with Lee to improve his social media strategy and see what will work best for his brand. I wish him the best of luck with his relaunch.  

HDL Fitness

Hazel was starting up her personal training business from scratch. For Hazel, I had a look through her new business Instagram and worked out some mood boards with her which we then narrowed down to suit her and what she wanted to offer to her clients. 

We worked on business cards that she will offer to potential clients in the gym she works in after giving assessments. 

I wish Hazel the best of luck with the future of her business!

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