Photography Projects


Isolation Generation

This is my most recent project. I began this docuseries during lockdown 1.0 in March during my final semester in college. due to the fact, we had to be in isolation and I could no longer go with my original idea for my project I decided to document what was happening around me - and it certainly paid off.. because I received a photography award from the TUD Tallaght campus for my efforts. 

Fyre Gyms Opening Weekend

I was the dedicated photographer for the opening weekend of the brand new 'breed' of gym, Fyre Gyms. 

The gym opened it's doors in January of 2020 and aims to be one of the most premium gyms in Dublin. 

I worked alongside the team at Fyre along with their build up to the opening and assisted in creating their top of the range website. I look forward to working with them again in the future. 

Animal Photography

The images shown were taken at a day out at Dublin Zoo. I wanted to improve my animal photography as I know they can be quite hard to capture. 

This is something I'm trying to improve currently every chance I get. 

Banana Bread Series

Banana bread was the 'in' thing during lockdown 1.0 and when my mam was making some at home, I decided to capture the process. 

My mam bakes a lot at home and so it was a great opportunity to capture something so simple. 

It helped me practise some macro photography which I do thoroughly enjoy!

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